The Guests, a Middle East Tale Of Peace

Live Performance in Oakland, CA of a new music drama created by Opera Piccola. Text by Shahrnush Parsipur; Music by Scott Hill. Based on an ancient Persian tale, “The Uninvited Guests,” which tells of a lonely old woman who is visited one rainy night by 7 unexpected guests. She welcomes them all into her tiny house, a metaphor for welcoming each other on our crowded Earth. The drama includes an introductory scene based on a true life story of an Iranian woman who marries against her father’s wishes.


24 Hours At Drama High

Screen play written by Oakland Tech High School students as part of an after school drama class. Text edited by instructor Susannah Wood. Camera by students. The video shows a “day in the llife” of a high school student, — its ups and downs.

Oakland Student’s Performance Clips 2008

Students of Opera Piccola perform poems and scenes written by themselves or other our ArtGate program. Issues that concerned the students were gun violence, relationships with parents, and sexuality.

Being Something; Being Young and Growing Old in Oakland

Live performance of a new work created by Opera Piccola and Stagebridge Senior Theatre. “Being Something” included short plays by local playwrights, put together by Director Ellen Sebastian Chang, with music by Stephen Duffy. Youth actors from Opera Piccola’s Oakland public school residencies played numerous roles in the premiere performances.

Teen Pressures; by Gompers HS students

Film artist Steve Youn worked with students at Gompers, Richmond, CA in an arts education residency. Students were concerned with all the pressures they face and they created a video combining interviews and class sessions.

Opera Piccola Student Theater

Clips of class work and live performances by students from Oakland public schools, including
1. Kindergarten African Dance at Sankofa
2. Drama improvisation after school at Edna Brewer Middle School
3. Original script against violence by Oakland Tech students
4. Brewer students perform an original play about global warming
5. Oakland Tech student original scene about high school life
6. Community service project by cartooning students from Oakland Tech High
7. Interns perform in premiere of new work, “Being Something; Being Young and Growing Old in Oakland,” a collaboration by Opera Piccola and Stagebridge, directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang

Opera Piccola Student Theater and Art

Original scripts acted by students of Opera Piccola’s ArtGate program in 2007-08. Murals created by students at Oakland Tech High and Castlemont High. Clips include a scene written and performed by children at Berkeley Arts Magnet.